June 10, 2018

Sailing in Camden

To continue with the …ING theme this blog is about one of the most popular activities in Camden, sailING. Being on the harbor, we have some of the most incredible yachts, schooners, lobster boats, and every other type of sea vessel you can think of.

As an innkeeper one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our guests is “what should we do while we are here?” And while there are dozens of great things, one we always recommend is a schooner cruise. Some are newer and some are historical. In fact, the Surprisejust celebrated her 100th birthday! And she’s still going strong.

Another great schooner is the Olad. Both schooners have a great crew and it’s a great way to see the harbor, islands, lighthouses, and of course Mt Battie from the sea. You also learn some of the history of the ships and of the ships lost at sea. We highly recommend both of these schooners and it’s only a five-minute walk to the harbor from Elms of Camden.

We’ve partnered with both companies and have a Sail & Spirits package available. A schooner cruise is not to be missed during your stay in Camden.