June 8, 2018

Beaches, Picnics, and Swimming

How can it be that I’ve lived in Dallas and Kansas City and I thought it was HOT last week. It was only 88 degrees but it was hot. And humid! So after a morning of fixing breakfast, check-outs, errands, deliveries, etc. I asked James where could we go swimming. It’s not like we are surrounded by water! And we rediscovered a few favorite places for swimming, going to a beach, enjoying a picnic lunch, reading a book, doing whatever. They weren’t crowded and the water felt great!

Shirttail Point

Popular with locals, this is a great spot to launch a kayak, go swimming, or wade in water that’s only one foot deep 15 feet from shore. There’s a nice sandy bottom and the water is clean. There are grills on a first-come basis, picnic tables, parking, and lots of big shade trees. And seven minutes from Elms of Camden.

Laite Memorial Beach

Only five minutes from Elms of Camden, Laite Memorial Beach is one of our favorite spots to go to and wade in the water or swim to the swim dock. There are great views of the harbor and Mt. Battie. It can get crowded, especially on holidays or weekends but there is plenty of room and the sea water is stunning.

If you don’t feel like grabbing some sandwiches enjoy one of our extras and skip the store and go directly to the water. Summer is truly magical in Camden with so many things to do but there is nothing wrong with getting a blanket and enjoying a few hours in and around the water and just chill.

Here’s to a safe and happy Summer 2018!

The video below is images from Shirttail Point, Laite Memorial Beach, and Camden Harbor.