August 3, 2018

Camden – A Photographer’s Dream

There are many ways to discover the beauty of Camden, but through the lens of a camera can be one of the most exciting. Whether it’s the seemingly endless species of large and small animals, birds, flora, fauna, or the breathtaking land and seascapes, your camera can be a tool for seeing the unusual and remarkable. Pictures are also a great way to memorialize your visit and share your adventures with family and friends.

One of my favorite places to photograph is Camden Harbor, it’s never the same and there is always something to catch your eye. The view from the wharf is unbeatable, and I find that the light is best just at sunrise when the colors of the sky and water are at their most intense.

The top of Mt. Battie is also a perfect spot for photography. No matter what time of day or what the weather conditions you will be sure to capture beautiful images of the mountains, the bay and of the village below.

Laite Memorial Beach is another perfect spot to capture the water and boats in the harbor. You can kick off your shoes and wade into the water on a hot afternoon. The rocky beach itself offers wonderful opportunities for creative photographs.

With all the beauty in and around Camden, you won’t have any difficulty in finding your perfect subject, in fact, the only worry you might have is filling up your memory card before your visit ends!