April 25, 2018

Happy Anniversary – to Elms of Camden

It’s hard to believe but it was one year ago today we closed on The Elms, now Elms of Camden! Talk about a year flying by at warp speed. We thought we’d share with you, our guests, former guests,  future guests, friends, family, and neighbors what we’ve done to the property in this, our first year. We have:

  • painted the exterior of the house with a new color scheme.
  • launched a new website, reservation system, and booking engine by Odysys.
  • installed a ridge vent over the cottages.
  • installed fireplaces in every room but one (to preserve the 1806 fireplace and cooking stove.)
  • changed the bed in Dahlia from a Queen to a King.
  • installed 6 ductless mini-splits in the 1806 house.
  • installed seamless gutters at the back of the property.
  • updated every room with new linens, lighting, furniture, and decor.
  • added a twin bed to Iris.
  • landscaped the front yard
  • added Paula’s Garden at the back of the property.
  • installed a reclaimed asphalt driveway.
  • added custom-made cushions and window coverings in certain rooms.
  • added a custom-built radiator cover for the entryway.
  • installed new exterior light fixtures.

Of course, none of this would have been possible were it not for such guests such as Catharine C, Joe & Ellen, Beth S, James M, Michael and Steve, Alvaro M, Dorrie S, Jane D, Norman P, Janice Q, Padriac W, Troy B, Douglas A, and the hundreds of other incredible guests and people who have graced our doorstep. Special thanks to Odysys, Bob & Cat H., Jim and Cyndi O, and fellow Camden innkeepers who have welcomed and embraced us in our journey from Kansas to Maine!

We are humbled and honored to have had all of you in our house and look forward to seeing you again for many years to come!!!