March 18, 2018

Hiking in Camden

Has it really been a month since my last blog? What have I been doing? Oh, I remember, shoveling snow, and more snow, then more snow. And maybe more snow next week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and the Maine DOT have it going on when it comes to keeping the roads plowed and clear. But, enough is enough.

With all this snow, my thoughts of Spring grow stronger and more hopeful each day. And that got me thinking of all the activities there are to do in Camden and surrounding areas during Spring and Summer. Hiking. Kayaking. Fishing. Rock Climbing. Biking. Running. Sailing. Eating. Painting. Reading. Sleeping. Bird Watching. Gardening. Swimming. Boating. Drinking. Thus the …ING.

So this blog, part of a series, is dedicated to hikING. Simply put, the hiking is incredible. Only recently have I discovered the vast number of trails in the area. Some are for the more experienced hiker but most are for the basic or moderate hiker. And all are beautiful. If you are interested in hiking and are new or want to learn the basics here is a great article by Jenny on HobbyHelp.

Maine Trail Finder is a hikers dream. If there’s a trail, it’s listed. Put in your destination and it provides a thorough list of trails, skill level, and other important information. Here are some of the more popular ones very close to Elms of Camden:

The list could easily be 30 bullets but you get the idea. Another great site is the Coastal Mountains Land Trust. Their mission is pretty simple, keep protected land protected and save nature preserves from land development. They do good work. Check them out here.

And islands! There is great hiking at Monhegan or Islesboro and others close by.

One of the best parts about running a B&B is the personal interaction we have with our guests. We truly enjoy helping them plan their day, advice on where to eat, what events are going on, etc. Very soon we will be putting together some small extras that will make your stay even more convenient for anyone wanting to take a day trip or spend a day in the great outdoors.

My outdoor thermometer reads 22 degrees. Ah, Spring, so close and yet so far. The pictures below were taken by guests last year on some of their hiking trips.

We hope everyone had or is having, a good Winter and that you find yourself thinking of warmer days ahead. If you can’t think of a vacation spot for 2018, I know a great little B&B in a great town off the Maine coast. Call me, we’ll talk hiking. Or any other ING.

Remember, wherever you go, travel safe and have fun.

Gary B