July 29, 2019

Camden Area Wineries & Breweries

The phrase “wine country” may not prompt you to think of the rocky coast of Maine. However, a growing number of winemakers have realized that the state’s moderate ocean climate makes for happy grapes. Therefore, like the rest of Maine’s culinary scene, the last twenty years have seen an explosion in wine production. After all, gourmands need something to pair with all that delicious seafood. Luckily for you, there are some great wineries and breweries close to Elms of Camden. If you care to sample some wine, beer, or ale, see beautiful wineries, or learn how it’s all made then read on.

Cellardoor Winery

Cellardoor Winery

Cellardoor Winery

Perhaps the best-known winery in the area is Cellardoor in Lincolnville. Cellardoor is a beautiful winery and produces amazing wines. They also have a great story on how they “found” their logo.

“As the story goes, a hobo, a traveler looking for work nearly 100 years ago, visited our farm in Lincolnville. He was welcomed. He felt safe. Upon his departure, he carved in the barn door a “hobo symbol” to let fellow travelers know they would find hospitality here.

All these years later, we have proudly embraced, and are motivated by, this story and the spirit of welcome meant to be offered to guests. While the door with the fabled hand carving is treasured, we have adopted a current day artist’s interpretation of it as our logo. It is our inspiration to beat our guests’ expectations, to offer a respite from busy lives.

When you see our Hobo symbol, know that you are in a safe and friendly place. We invite you to our Cellardoor properties with open hearts, generosity, and camaraderie. Whether you join us for a tour of our winery, a wine tasting, a food & wine pairing, or one of our big events, we hope you enjoy your time with us.”

Read more about Cellardoor Winery here and I encourage you to take a tour and sample the many fine wines they offer.

The Pour Farm

Located just 12 miles from Elms of Camden, the Pour Farm in Union, ME is dedicated to brewing fresh beer in Maine using local ingredients. The owner, Bill Stinson, has been making beer and experimenting with different styles since 1987. The present brewery started producing small batches of ale in 2018 and grows hops and other botanicals for the beer. The brewery has six taps and will have three or four standard offerings, with an additional two experimental or rotating beers on tap at a given time. If you are interested in the craft of small-batch beer then definitely check them out. The Pour Farm is an easy, 15-minute drive from Elms of Camden.

Savage Oaks

Savage Oaks Winery

Also located in Union, ME, Savage Oaks is making some great award-winning wines and having fun at the same time. Their popular Summer Concert Series has been a big hit and brings in some popular artists. Savage Oaks makes both white and red wines and tours are available.

Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery currently grows ten varieties of cold hardy hybrid wine grapes. The first block of four varieties was planted on two acres in 2002. During the next three seasons, they expanded to almost four acres with approximately 1800 vines. The site on which the vineyard is located provides an ideal location for grape production. The south-facing sloping hillside catches long hours of sunshine essential for ripening, while the ever-present breezes maintain the airflow needed for vine health and frost protection.

If you enjoy your wine with live music, be sure to check out their 2019 Summer Concert Series here.

Bull on the Run

Now if you are thinking I’d really like to sample some great wine or beer but I don’t want to drive to the different locations, I have the solution. New this year is a company called Bull on the Run Tours located in Rockland. They offer winery, brewery, and distillery tours. If you select the winery tour, they go to both Savage Oaks and Cellardoor. If you select the brewery tour, you visit four out of seven local breweries and The Pour Farm is on their list. All of their tour information is on their Facebook page. So, schedule a tour, meet some interesting people, and let someone else do the driving.

Maine Wine Trail

One final resource for all things wine is the Maine Wine Trail. Be sure to check out their events page for activities all over the state of Maine.