April 13, 2019

Gardens & Nature Centers

April showers bring May flowers. It’s a saying we’ve all heard and that’s because it’s true. Up here in Maine, April is called “Mud Season” for a reason. The snow melts, rains come, and it gets muddy. But that’s okay because in May a whole new world emerges, full of every color, shape, and size imaginable. That world is flowers, trees, shrubs, and gardens. Some assume that because Maine gets so cold we don’t have a lot of variety when it comes to gardening but au contraire. The colors are amazing with everything from small flowering ground cover to dinner-plate size dahlias. We have it all. Here are a few noteworthy public gardens and nature centers that are worth a look when in Camden!

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Boothbay, ME

As the largest botanical garden in New England, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (CMBG) comprises 295 acres, 17 of which are gardens featuring native plants of Maine and other plants suited to northern coastal conditions. Over 200,000 guests from throughout the United States and 63 foreign countries visited CMBG in 2018.

CMBG has become one of Maine’s top attractions and one of the most distinguished botanical destinations in the country. Its exquisite gardens, dramatic and compelling natural landscape, including nearly a mile of tidal saltwater frontage, make it ever-changing, endlessly captivating and thoroughly unique. The Gardens presents limitless potential to inspire learning about natural history, habitats, botany, horticulture, and ecological connections.

If you are interested in touring Boothbay and the CMBG check out our A Day In Boothbay package here.

Merryspring Nature Center
Camden, ME

Much more than a garden, Merryspring Nature Center offers school trips for children, an extensive education and outreach program, lectures, workshops, and even ecology classes. Read more about how Merryspring came to be here.

Merrysping is a five-minute drive from Elms of Camden and a great place to stroll around in the peaceful surroundings of all the various gardens. And you’ll learn a thing or two, promise.

Endless Summer Flower Farm
Camden, ME

Roadside flower sales mid-July
Gardens August 1 – October 15

There is only word to describe Endless Summer Flower Farms; Dahlias! This farm produces almost every variety of Dahlia known to mankind, and they ship all over the world. The colors and size are amazing. If you like the Dahlia flower you need to go check them out. They are experts on this flower and can offer advice on how, where, and when to plant as well as care for your Dahlias. The Dahlia flower in Maine is very popular, so much so one of our rooms is named Dahlia.

And finally, while not a garden per se, the Camden Garden Club is a thriving organization with events throughout the year. If by chance you are in Camden on July 18, I recommend going on the 72nd Annual House & Garden Tour. More information is on their website.

As always, thanks for reading. I’m ready to do some planting of my own now that Spring has Sprung. And remember, no matter where you travel, enjoy the destination and we’d love to see you at Elms of Camden. In any season.

Gary & James