December 1, 2017

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let It Snow

My first blog! I feel so grown up. It’s hard to believe we purchased the B&B only 4 months ago, it feels like a year has passed. In the Spring there will be blogs about restaurants and eating, kayaking and hiking, biking and sailing, but that time is not now. It’s December 1 and Winter is knocking on our doorstep. When I think of Winter I think of snow, hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and outside activities such as skiing, ice skating, sledding, snowboarding, and sleigh rides.

We are lucky in that we are so close to an actual ski area, the Camden Snow Bowl. And while it may not be the Swiss Alps or Colorado, it has spectacular views of the sea and surrounding mountains and plenty of trails for all skill levels. And, it’s affordable!! You can ski and get a lift ticket for about $40.00 a day on weekends and even less during the week.

Check out the Camden Snow Bowl website. I think you’ll be surprised at the activities they offer.

If you do decide to go skiing, or snowboarding, or attend an event at Camden Snow Bowl, Elms of Camden is only 3.5 miles away and offers great Winter rates, a warm atmosphere, good food, and southern hospitality. Remember to check out our specials and as always, regardless of where you travel, safe travels and enjoy the journey.

Gary & James
Elms of Camden