December 21, 2017

Bit By Bit, Piece by Piece

We are officially in the off season and James and I have some time to breathe and think about goals and projects for 2018. Part of that is marketing. The lodging industry is complex and getting more and more complicated with various online travel agencies (OTAs), social media, technology, competition, and other factors. So if you are reading this and have been a guest a big THANK YOU. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it, we have had the most amazing guests!! Joe, Ellen, Bella, James, Pam, Kieran, Catherine, Jane Anne, Janice Q, Oscar, Michael M, and on and on and on. When we receive an email, Christmas card, or heated pet beds for Sadie and Tinker it touches our heart and soul. Side note, Sadie and Tinker LOVE them!!!!

Our goal is simple: make Elms of Camden the best bed & breakfast it can be; warm, friendly, fun, nicely-appointed, convenient, comfortable, historic, affordable, relaxing, charming, safe, energetic, full of love and laughter, and enduring. If you’ve stayed with us, we probably asked for feedback, which we value. Some provided great examples of things to improve upon or things to add or make better. We listened and most of the time we agreed. Could we put a night light in Aster? Yes, and we did. Could we put another mirror in Violet? No, we put two additional mirrors in Violet. When we started painting the exterior we witnessed a miracle. Every single person, and I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON, loved the color, the shutters, and trim. When was the last time you did a renovation project and it was met with unanimous approval?  We agree, it is a great color, and don’t worry, the rest of the house will be painted in the Spring. So, next time you visit, and if you think of something that we could improve or would be a “good thing”, let us know. We will always listen.

Back to marketing. Our primary focus is, and will always be, on two things; the guest experience and ensuring our website is accurate, responsive, and easy to use. We try to update the website as often as possible with updated pictures, blogs, etc. And we hope that when we greet you at your car, enjoy a glass of wine or tea on the patio, answer any questions you have regarding the property, recommend a place to eat, or advise you to please be careful when stepping off curbs, it’s because we are truly glad you have chosen to spend your time away from home with us and you would do the same. Yes, we will use social media, and be a part of various organizations, and spend money here and there, but our guests will always be our primary focus.

Earlier in the year, we were asked by several people if we had any packages or add-ons. We didn’t. We purchased the property on July 27 and hit it running fast and furious. But now that we’ve had some downtime I’m happy to report we’ve added some packages that I hope are well received. Not only will they save you time and money but hopefully will make your stay truly unforgettable. You can find our packages on the home page of our website near the bottom. To save you time, click here to take a look.

Remember to check out our specials and as always, regardless of where you go, safe travels and enjoy the journey.

Gary & James
Elms of Camden

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