This 1806 property, one of the oldest homes in the village of Camden, served as a family home into the 1970s. Now a Bed & Breakfast for over 35 years, Elms of Camden has welcomed guests from across the country and around the world. Its newest owners, Gary and James, purchased the home in July 2017 and continue the same great level of service, hospitality, and attention to detail set forth by all its previous owners. 

What’s In a Name

The Bed and Breakfast, previously known as Elms Inn, The Elms, or Inns at Blackberry Common, is now Elms of Camden. Because the property and its original owners had a strong historical influence on Camden it seemed fitting to join them. As a result, Elms of Camden was born. We hope you like the name as much as we do!

It Was The Year 1806…

  • Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States.
  • Construction is authorized on the first National Road (the first United States federal highway).
  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches St. Louis, Missouri, ending a successful exploration of the Louisiana Territory and the Pacific Northwest.

During his second exploratory expedition, Lieutenant Zebulon Pike sees a distant mountain peak while near the Colorado foothills of the Rocky Mountains (later named Pikes Peak in his honor).