Premier Camden Accomodations

Now is the perfect time to select your Elms of Camden guest room! We are an all-welcoming property with free on-site parking, so stay a few days and let us help you plan your adventure in our great town and surrounding areas. 

Each of our six guestrooms is named after a flower that, while delicate and beautiful, emerges each Spring; strong, resilient, and renewed with an abundance of color and beauty. 

Our rooms are designed with consideration for your comfort, safety, convenience, and enjoyment during your stay! Need a first-floor room? Check out Dahlia, the original kitchen for the house. Or take a look at Iris or Lupine, with private entrances off the garden patio. More traditional guestrooms are on the second and third floor of the main house, some with gas fireplaces and jetted tubs.

Need some help in choosing the perfect room? Just give us a call at (207) 236-6250. 

Whether you’re here for a day or week, we hope you leave with memories that last a lifetime!


Cozy Relaxing Retreat


Spacious Luxury


Heart of the Home


Private Retreat


Cottage Feel


Garden Retreat


84 Elm St. Camden, ME